Our commitment

SAES role

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) is a global project with the purpose of creating the sustainable and limitless energy source of the future by using plasma.
Consorzio RFX is a fusion research lab in Padua in charge of testing new solutions on the NBI (Neutral Beam Injectors) which will be used in ITER facility.
SAES is partner of Consorzio RFX and our role is the engineering and production of a Non Evaporable Getter (NEG) system which will stabilize the operation of the NBI testing facility source (NBTF) named SPIDER.
To do so hundreds of SAES ZAO NEG pumps will be distributed inside SPIDER.


This pump model has been selected because it absorbs the Hydrogen isotopes scattered from the NBI. The porosity of this material allows the reversible H2 absorption-desorption, so the Hydrogen can be released.

That’s the feature that makes this product unique in fusion energy applications.

Our Story

SAES is the pioneer in NEG technology and the leading supplier of UHV and XHV Non-Evaporable Getter solutions for several innovative applications.
Since October 2021 the High Vacuum Division has been committed to the design, development, and manufacturing of the biggest NEG pumping system in the world to be installed in SPIDER experiment of PRIMA facility at Consorzio RFX.